Monday, March 26, 2012

Some of Marcy's Daughter crocheting projects. All projects can be viewed on my Etsy Shop. Link is on the right column.

Three of my grandchildren wearing the scarves I made them for Christmas.

Black Clutch Purse - $15.00

Brown Purse - $15.00
Pearl Purse - $15.00

Red Book Bag - $18.00
Toddler's Dress $18.00
Black/White Child's Sunhat - $20.00

Bumblebee Hat
$16.00 to $20.00
Bunny Hat
$17.00 to $20.00

Froggy Hat
$17.00 to $20.00
Viking Hat - $17.00 to $24.00

Knight Helmet - $17.00 to $24.00



  1. Love the bags girlfriend they look great!

  2. I hadn't seen the clutch purses. They are so cute. Keep it up!

  3. Your crocheted works are adorable! And I think you're not charging enough. Handmade crafts like this could easily be twice the price. :-)

  4. There really should be a LOVE IT button Ms. Maureen.

    Stopped by from Arizona's Small Business Bloggers.

    Love ya much Leila

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. I have more on my Etsy Shop if you are interested. Go to

  6. What a nice looking family and your work is great too!

    Stopping by from Arizona's Small Business Blog have a GREAT day!